What are the e-Martial Arts Games?

The e-Martial Arts Games combine the best of the two worlds – a global combat sport event in a safe and trouble-free online environment. Join from any place on this planet, without travel and accommodation costs. Compete against professional and amateur athletes from all around the world and improve your skills.

  • Compete from anywhere – your living room, garden or holiday destination
  • Compete without pressure – no venue, no spectators, better focus
  • Stay safe – no health risks through traveling during times of pandemic
  • Safe money – no flight tickets, no hotels, smaller entry fees

Taekwondo, Calisthenics

  • 28. August - Registration and video upload start
  • 16. October - Registration end
  • 17. October - Upload of draws
  • 22. October - Video upload end

Karate, Kickboxing Forms, MMA, Ju-Jitsu

  • 28. August - Registration and video upload start
  • 03. December - Registration end
  • 04. December - Upload of draws
  • 05. December - Video upload end


Taekwondo, Calisthenics: Tournament Phase

  • 24. October - Start of the e-Martial Arts Games
  • 30. October - End of judging & Announcement of results

Karate, Kickboxing Forms, MMA, Ju-Jitsu: Tournament Phase

  • 07. December - Start of the e-Martial Arts Games
  • 14. December - End of judging & Announcement of results



Karate and Kobudo

Kata | Kumite | Kobudo | Para-Karate


Duo | Show

Kickboxing and Forms

Forms | Kickboxing | Tricking | Para-Forms

Mixed Martial Arts - MMA

Solo Shadow Fighting | Punch/Kick bag or Grappling Dummy | Pad-Work

ITF Taekwondo

ITF Taekwondo e-Tournament


Calisthenics e-Tournament for Martial Arts Athletes

Martial Arts Video Challenge - Join for free

Are you a martial arts enthusiast? Show us your most exiting moves and join this Video Contest. Upload your short video on the video contest platform, share it with your friends and get as most likes as possible. The top 10 videos will be rewarded with vouchers and coupons from our top sponsors and promoted throughout our media channels.


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